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Santa Ana Embezzlement Lawyer

Embezzlement is a term that basically means stealing money from your employer. Many people think that embezzlement refers to theft of millions from a large company—while this is true in more high-profile cases, a person can actually be charged with embezzlement for theft of any amount. If you have been charged with embezzlement, you should seek legal representation from a skilled Santa Ana criminal attorney without delay.

Our Santa Ana embezzlement defense attorneys have been successful in defending clients against all types of embezzlement, employee theft, and employee fraud cases. We understand that most people accused of embezzlement are educated working professionals, who have never had a run-in with the law before. We will guide you through the court process with the dignity and professionalism you deserve, thoroughly investigating your case and explaining your best options.

Our Santa Ana Criminal Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Serious Consequences

Embezzlement can carry heavy consequences: you may be facing prison time, as well as substantial fines and restitution to your company. A skilled criminal defense lawyer knows how to best defend you against these consequences, whether it’s using the evidence to prove your innocence in court or negotiating a settlement for reduced charges out of court.

An embezzlement charge is a serious matter. Even just being accused of embezzlement can cause serious lasting damage to your reputation, your career, and your future. If you have been charged with embezzlement, don’t wait to start defending yourself. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Santa Ana criminal attorney today.