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Santa Ana Parole Violations Attorney

After being freed from prison, the feeling of relief is immeasurable. Your time under the eye of the law isn’t over yet, though—nearly all California convicts are subject to parole, or controlled supervision by the legal system as you re-enter society after prison. Though it’s no prison, parole still comes with many rules and regulations. If you are caught violating one of these rules, you could face penalties as severe as parole revocation and a return to prison. If this is your case, you need the defense of a Santa Ana criminal attorney as soon as possible.

If you are accused of violating parole, you will probably be arrested and ordered to a parole violation hearing. These hearings are very different from normal criminal trials, and operate under a different set of rules, making it important that you find a Santa Ana criminal attorney with a good track record in parole hearings as well as criminal court. At the trial, your parole officer will describe how you violated the terms of your parole. The judge will then determine a sentence based on factors like the seriousness of your offense, your previous record, and other surrounding circumstances.

Our Santa Ana Criminal Attorney Has Extensive Experience

At our firm, our Santa Ana parole violation attorneys have years of experience defending clients during parole violation hearings. We know that there are many explanations for violating parole. Drug tests can be highly inaccurate, and unavoidable circumstances like illness or lack of transportation can lead to missing a meeting with your parole officer in spite of your best intentions. Your attorney will investigate your case fully and work hard to build a case, reduce your charges, and keep you out of prison.

You’ve made it this far: don’t let one mistake put you back at square one. If you are facing a parole violation hearing, contact us for a free consultation with a top Santa Ana criminal attorney today.