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Santa Ana Robbery Defense Lawyer

Theft is any crime where someone forcefully takes something from someone else. Robbery is a much more forceful and violent form of theft, and is taken much more seriously in the eyes of the law. If you are facing robbery charges, you need the superior legal representation of a skilled Santa Ana criminal attorney.

What separates robbery from white collar theft charges, like embezzlement or credit card theft, is its use of physical force. Any time a crime involves even the potential to physically harm another person, the law is quick to sentence harshly. If you used a deadly weapon, you could face even more severe charges—and, according to California law, even your fists can qualify as a deadly weapon depending on how you use them. Often, robbery counts as a strike under California’s Three Strike Law. Depending on your criminal history, a robbery conviction could lead to life in prison.

Our Criminal Lawyer Will Defend Your Rights

Even after you are released from prison, a felony conviction such as robbery can follow you for life. Your criminal record can make it very difficult to build a career and a future later on. You could also be stripped of basic rights, such as the right to vote or to own a firearm.

Because of these strict penalties, it is vital that you hire a good criminal defense lawyer to defend your rights. Our Santa Ana criminal attorneys have successfully defended clients against an array of robbery charges including aggravated robbery, carjacking, and mugging. If you are facing robbery charges, don’t take risks. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Santa Ana criminal attorney today.