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Santa Ana Theft Lawyer

There are many different crimes that fall under the definition of “theft.” At the core, all of them involve willfully taking something from someone else. All forms of theft carry serious consequences in the state of California. No matter what type of theft you have been accused of, you need the superior legal representation of a skilled Santa Ana criminal attorney.

Our Santa Ana theft defense lawyers have years of experience defending clients against all types of theft charges, including:

Our Santa Ana Criminal Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Serious Penalties

An array of penalties exists for theft, and they can be dramatic. You could face jail time, fines and restitution to the place you stole from, and all of the consequences that come with a criminal record. Depending on your field, a felony theft conviction can make it extremely difficult to move forward and build a career in the future. Most dramatically, if your theft or robbery involved a weapon, you could be looking at extensive prison time and a strike against you under California’s Three Strikes Law.

With these penalties on the table, it is clear that you need legal representation. The Santa Ana criminal attorneys with our firm will fight hard to defend your freedoms. We can review your case during a free consultation, and advise you of your best options. Whether we negotiate a plea bargain under reduced charges, motion to have your case dismissed, or build a strong defense to take to trial, we are committed to getting you the best outcome possible.

Don’t take chances with your freedom. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a skilled Santa Ana criminal attorney today.